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an entity? >> there are issues. there are things that are valid concerns. we know the obama administration would like to be -- would like to leave a positive -- a positive environmental legacy. >> i have to ask you. why are the first three phases done? what is the difference? >> it is the increase in production. the additional 830,000 barrels per day. when you have an industrial project, it is not the same thing as being able to see the great wall of china from space. the magnitude of this project is monumental and there are environmental issues that need to be dressed. instead of trying to completely stop this project, i would hope that they would make sure the industry is held to the highest standards in the production of this oil. if the market is there -- >> the environmental impact study that was done, even that report came back from the epa, there are some things in this report that are not substantiated. if you look at the technologies being used to build this pipeline, no kidding, no college boy effort, they have gone the extra mile to make sure there is little to no impact. all th
joined a growing list of u.s. allies demanding answers from the obama administration when it comes to spying. the spanish government summoned the ambassador to discuss allegations of collecting data on 60 million spanish telephones over one month this past december. using information leaked by nsa contractor edward snowden, a spanish newspaper reported the nsa collected numbers and locations of the phone calls, but not actual content. this after learning that the nsa has also been tuning into the communications up dirty five world leaders. now the european union parliamentary delegation is preparing for a visit to the u.s. to express concerns over nsa surveillance tactics. political commentator sam sacks brings us more. >> german intelligence officials will come to washington dc to demand answers from the white house about surveillance on chancellor angela merkel. is a marked the partner from just a few months ago, when germany was defending its foes cooperation with the nsa. that was after edward snowden leak in june that the nsa was collecting a half ilya and telephone and intern
that the spying on chancellor merkel and other world leaders stopped after the obama administration launched an investigation. "the wall street journal" quoted a senior u.s. official as saying the nsa made the surveillance decisions. the newspaper says the official account of what happened suggests president obama went nearly five years without knowing about the spying on world leaders. it reports obama was briefed on broader intelligence collection priorities, but didn't make decisions on specific targets. and it says the president only learned of the spying after his administration launched internal and external probes of national security agency operations a few months ago. the decision followed revelations by former nsa contractor, edward snowden, who said agents had been secretly gathering the phone and internet data of private citizens. u.s. officials tell "the wall street journal" that american agents have suspended spying on merkel and other world loaders, but they say the agency is still monitoring other leaders because some of the programs are producing useful intelligence. >>> smo
to downplay. the news. shocking numbers. it all begin and 2004 under the bush administration. the number of victims soared through 2006 when almost 100 people were injured. in 2008, 75 lives were lost. the following year, obama took over, a record number. up to 122 and the drone war contains. the obama administration is responsible for about 90% of the strikes since 2004. almost 1000 civilians have been killed including up to 200 children. some estimates put the total number of fatalities in the region above 3.5 thousand. -- 3500. the latest report from amnesty international. was the predator drone. remotely controlled. it is the weapon of choice for the cia in pakistan. that is where they have launched more than 300 starts since 2004. the target is suspected taliban and al qaeda militants. the white house said a better draws and it boots on the ground. they justify the covert program as effective and legal. >> america does not take strikes to punish individuals. we act against terrorists who strike an imminent threat to the american people. >> not so according to amnesty as to -- intern
to this investigation, the obama administration was not exactly in the dark about this. and fact, they have done this to be the case for at least three years. obamacare regulations from july 20 10th specifically say that, because of normal turnover rates, 40% to 60% of customers and insurance policies would lose their grandfather status. that means customers on those plans would have to switch. the white house would not dispute that many policyholders would have to change their plans. in the vast majority of cases, the same insurers will automatically ship them to a plan that divides the new consumer protections. and for nearly half of the market and really is, discount or premium tax credits. like it or not, the method hasas changed in the white house says that it is for the better. on capitol hill today, the mother of trayvon martin called on lawmakers to work with state and local officials to reevaluate the purpose of the controversial stand your ground law. stand your ground is the piece of legislation that took front and center -- when george zimmerman was put on trial for the death of tray
review of u s surveillance program. senior obama administration official told reuters. the last few weeks present obama decided to put an end to spying on the un headquarters in new york. us officials said the president also halted spying on the world bank and international monetary fund even though it had never been revealed that such spying was going on. this could be the first in a series of denials been on the accusations coming from the white house and trezeguet in front of the next series of nsa weeks the movie chapel hill where yesterday the senate intelligence committee. move legislation for to addressing the recent nsa revelations the chairwoman of the committee senator dianne feinstein a year or so and as a supporter. however the legislation known as the pies the improvements are saying she believes the reforms in the bill are quote prudence responsible and people. critics of the bill say it falls well short of meaningful reform and they say that actually gives the nsa more legal protections to conduct its full collection of mutation records under section two fifteen of the page
. top obama administration officials have in the past praised israel's intelligence capabilities and express gratitude for receiving access to it. new york times report comes on the heels of our age in europe over the revelation that the us listen in on european leaders including capping german chancellor angela merkel cell phone last week us secretary of state john kerry remarked on the affair acknowledging for the first time that the nsa surveillance may have been over the top iraqi prime minister to oriole the tea has met with u s president barack obama at the white house requests more support in the fight against al qaeda as bloodshed in iraq brought on by insurgents continues by calling the u s troop withdrawal and twenty lead after the two ever meeting obama made no commitment on military equipment or on other assistants which belief he is seeking. meanwhile some two hundred demonstrators gathered outside the white house in opposition to alma leaky over the ledge a depth of fifty two people and the disappearance of seven from an iranian dissident camp north of baghdad the
done it also tasted good. i own in him. i just started increasing economic stimulus package. the obama administration has pledged three point four billion dollars toward smart grid technology. this technology will help stabilize the power grid in the end of the failure to better incorporate alternative energies and vastly improve overall efficiency. smart grid delivers electricity from suppliers to consumers using digital technology to save energy costs. gauci said the city conducted by its youth centers that seize control. build on alarmingly high. it was to find tickets goes on. at approximately one third of those young men eighteen to sixteen. i'm twenty one pc. in the us. in response to government in reaching its end she listens to the sides keep taking serious measures against phoenix. want to create sierra tower. he has won the senior counsel as to costs continue to be chosen by two contracts. blacks and specifically designed the company states to get that at least she tries to get enough evidence to take a six x eps to return to the high court if they were unable to. how unable
here he's committed crimes. until someone within the obama administration. does the same thing goes up there and says this is what he was doing with angela merkel's information or just added the other thing and presents those papers. this is just a moot point and it will present its the end of the other big difference between now and for insisting the scandals in the beginning of the seventies that led to the church committee is that so far we've we've seen a lot of covert data collection maybe even some data collection and push the boundaries were even violated the boundaries. we haven't seen nice use of the diva yet we haven't seen people being targeted in the united states for their political activities based on data being collected. the one thing wanna say on thi point which is sort of a broader point is that the idea that the balance between privacy and in national security is fixed at one certain point. i think he does his mistake and it's is it's something that ships with te based on how grand the country is it a ship sunk in time based on what type of technical capabilities are
worked as a c i a officer under center different us administration says that president obama really didn't know what the nsa was doing. it would raise many important questions. in many ways it's worse for obama not to have known coach who's running the show nowhere does the buck stop. so equally bad is that you read it. and now this guy filling and this really didn't care that the train. the nsa chief steward shown to be very fast and loose with the truth alexander for warren and then clap for you it was the head of the intelligence apparatus to us admitted to lying to the congress felony. that there is but a friend defend themselves but telling everyone that although personally i don't know whom to believe because both sides have been very sparing with the truth well in its search for the truth about american spying. germany is reach out to the person behind the global scandal edwards noted the green party np is met with a former cia employee in moscow to discuss his assistance and potential investigation into that essays operations. he says the words of the us can no longer be trusted.
is a rise in violence in syria. he's trying to convince the administration to step up their support to help them fight terrorism in iraq is having trouble convincing them. congress takes a harder line on iraq than obama sent a let tore the u.s. president asking him to be tougher on maliki. in it, they say they blame the maliki government for the rise of violence in iraq. the letter says that maliki per sues the sectarian and authority tarne agenda which strengthens them. senator mccain one of six republicans who signed the letter says that washington's assistance to iraq should be tied to a new more developed strategy in iraq. so experts know that maliki will face many challenges in trying to convince both the administration and congress to as he said in his speech make a fresh start in a complicated relationship with the u.s. in his meeting with president obama at the white house tomorrow is only one step forward on a very bumpy road. >> and the international chemical weapons watchdog group responsible for overseaing the destruction of syria's chemical weapon says they've met their deadlin
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11